Refinery Suppliers

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Rain CII sources green petroleum coke (GPC) from oil refineries and we have enjoyed long-term supply relationships (>25yrs) with many of our refinery suppliers.

It is our collaboration and partnership with these suppliers that keep those relationships strong.

Over 70% of Rain CII’s anode-grade GPC supply relationships exceed 25 years.

Our suppliers know that they can depend upon us in two critical areas.

First, we will manage our business and our contracts with suppliers to do the best we can to respond to, and to compliment their GPC production schedules. We won’t let them down when it’s time to take their product.

Second, they have learned over years of doing business with Rain CII that we are committed to finding ways to use a wider range of GPC in the anode-making process. They know that no other calciner matches our commitment to the research and development that is expanding the universe of anode-grade GPC. Rains CII’s newly patented process that provides for the use of shot coke to be calcined for use in anodes is just one example. Our suppliers know there are more valuable developments to come.

Resourcefulness delivers expanding market

GPC is produced in refinery coking units where residual oils from crude distillation are thermally cracked. It is the product of additional treatment given to a waste product of the refining process. Key regions of anode-grade GPC supply are North America, South America (primarily Brazil), Europe, Asia (primarily China and India), and the Middle East.After recovering this cracked product, the refinery further processes the material to produce motor fuels. The heavier components of this material form carbon-rich, solid GPC. Rain CII processes GPC by calcining in order to meet aluminum smelter requirements for the production of aluminum metal. Coker

Rain CII’s commitment to quality begins with careful selection of GPC from refineries. GPC must meet Rain CII’s standards for structure, size, volatile content, and purity. Selection standards are as follows:

  • Structure – For anode production, sponge cokes are preferred over isotropic cokes including shot coke. For TiO2 production, shot coke is preferred.
  • Size – We carefully handle and process our green coke to preserve its sizing quality.
  • Volatile Matter (VM) – Lower VM content is desired as it yields lower porosity and denser calcined coke.
  • Purity – Lower elemental impurity levels are desirable for better anode performance. Vanadium, nickel, and other metals can negatively affect aluminum metal quality. Sulfur limits are dictated by environmental requirements.

Our commitment to quality begins with careful selection of green petroleum coke from our network of top refinery supply partners.