Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality control and analysis are central to our way of doing business at Rain CII. All quality control is guided by our Quality Policy, which provides standards across our business to ensure we deliver consistent quality to our customers, suppliers, employees, communities and owners.

Rain CII’s commitment to quality begins with careful selection of green petroleum coke from the refineries that make up our network of suppliers. We blend these cokes together to meet Rain CII’s standards for structure, size, volatile content, and purity. This same commitment continues on through our production and shipping process.

Monitoring Product Quality

As CPC is produced at our facilities for a specific shipment or for inventory, the Production Control Coordinators at each plant monitor production quality daily. If the quality results are not acceptably within our projections, the Production Control Coordinator will take corrective action to resolve the difference.

Customer shipments are sampled during loading according to facility operating procedures which conform to industry standards and are analyzed per the customers’ requirements.  Members of the Production Control team can facilitate additional sampling or analyses as required to ensure we meet our customers’ specifications.

One Standard for Quality – One Rain CII

Results from Rain CII’s laboratories are used extensively to ensure final product quality – a critical component in meeting our customers’ requirements. Quality measurements of green coke (as received and in storage), in process materials, and finished product are used proactively to develop shipment plans.

Customer shipments are planned to ensure all customer specifications can be achieved. The shipment projection is a vital part of this planning process. A projection is created for each customer shipment. After each shipment, the Production Control team compares the projected quality to the actual quality shipped. Accuracy and conformance to customer specifications are assessed to evaluate team performance and to identify areas for continuous improvement.

Our commitment to quality is based on fully satisfying our customers' requirements and continuous improvement within all aspects of our business.