Lake Charles Co-Gen

Lake Charles Co-Gen

Resourceful waste heat recovery saves energy and protects the environment

Rain CII is committed to a clean and efficient industry that works in harmony with the environment. As part of this commitment, we have made a significant investment in heat recovery systems at our petroleum coke calciners. Process heat recovery reduces greenhouse gas emissions and EPA criteria pollutants, and result in the more carbon-neutral co-generation of energy.

In December 2012, Rain CII completed the construction of its newest heat recovery project now installed at the calciner in Lake Charles, Louisiana. As a result of this project, the facility began co-generating electric power from heat that was previously lost to the atmosphere. The Lake Charles heat recovery project is Rain’s fourth such facility in Louisiana. Steam and/or energy are also produced as a by-product of the calcining process through similar investments made at the company’s plants in Chalmette, Gramercy, and Norco.

Most of the electricity generated from the Lake Charles calciner is sent to the power grid for transmission to local users. Rain CII has entered into a 20-year agreement with Entergy for supply of the power in association with the Louisiana Public Service Commission’s renewable energy pilot program. Based on the national averages for electric power production, the new co-generation plant will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 150,000 tons per year. This reduction occurs because the project generates power without burning additional fossil fuel and by recycling heat energy from the calciner exhaust. As a further environmental benefit, and confirming Rain CII’s commitment to minimizing its ecological impact, the project also includes a scrubbing system for the removal of Sulfur Oxides from the calcining facility exhaust — the first US Gulf Coast calciner to have such an environmental investment.

Rain CII is proud of its role as an industry leader in power co-generation. Together, we’re helping create a cleaner, greener tomorrow.