Visakhapatnam, India


Our plant in Visakhapatnam was built on swampland, and hundreds of sturdy pilings needed to be driven to stabilize the site. It is our most modern plant and was built in two stages with the first kiln commissioned in 1998 and the second in 2005. The plant sells power and trades/sells CO2 emissions credits into the European Emissions Trading Scheme. It is located near the Visakhapatnam airport, which necessitated a stack height constraint when the plant was constructed. As a result, the emergency hot stacks are considerably shorter than the ones found at our American plants.

  • Commissioned in 1998.
  • The plant is located at the Indian Port City of Visakhapatnam (located midway along India’s eastern coast), which provides a distinctive logistical advantage due to its proximity to both suppliers and customers.
  • Product targeted for aluminum smelting, TiO2, and steel applications.
  • Two rotary kilns with 580,000 tons capacity.
  • Green coke storage for 240,000 tons of raw material.
  • Energy recovery connected to the regional power grid.
  • Power generation capacity is 49.5 MW.
  • State-of-the-art production and quality control systems meeting local and World Bank environmental norms.
  • Employs 240 people.