Technical Services

Coke Pellets

Rain CII has a long history of providing technical support to both our customers and suppliers, particularly those associated with the aluminum industry. As described on our Aluminum Production page, smelters produce and consume large numbers of anodes. Consistent anode quality is critical for maintaining a stable aluminum smelter operation. Although all anode plants use the same basic process for making anodes, there are many process and equipment differences that affect anode quality.

Calcined petroleum coke (CPC) is a naturally heterogeneous material and the quality of green petroleum coke, GPC, and CPC is gradually changing due to evolutions in the petroleum refining industry. It is important for Rain CII to work closely with customers and suppliers to manage these quality changes.

We know the aluminum industry and the critical role of CPC. Supply interruptions and inconsistent quality can disrupt smelting operations and erode profit margins. Emerging supply and quality constraints can threaten a smelter’s success. Rain CII has the resources, expertise, and commitment to help to meet these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

We will be there when you need us, today and tomorrow.

The technical services and R&D that we can provide to our customers and suppliers include:

  • Frequent customer visits with detailed quality and technical review meetings.
  • Close dialogue with refinery suppliers supported by frequent visits and feedback on quality and technical issues.
  • Audits of plant operations to identify potential improvement opportunities and provision of technical resources to identify and resolve quality and process inefficiencies.
  • Provision of laboratory work on specific projects for customers.
  • An active laboratory R&D program to develop new GPC and CPC sources for the industry and other technology-related improvements.
  • Sponsorship of external R&D work to support in-house R&D activities.
  • Initiation and management of industry-wide round robin programs.
  • Organization of Carbon Symposiums which provide an opportunity to share knowledge on CPC- and anode-related issues.
  • Frequent participation and presentation at conferences around the world.
  • Publication of technical papers on issues relevant to the industry. Many of these papers may be found on our News & Publications page.


Rain CII has a strong customer focus and a history of working collaboratively with customers to solve specific technical problems and industry wide problems. We have organized 21 Carbon Symposiums at various locations around the world and are very active in publishing important and useful technical papers – 14 in the past decade.