Here’s how we define Reliability at Rain CII:

Managing supplier relationships, plant operations and support functions across the company to consistently meet our customers’ expectations for product quality and timeliness.

This Building Block supports the programs we put in place to deliver the products our customers need, when they need them. Just about everything we do affects our reliability to customers, but four areas have the most impact.

First, our supplier relationships, which we manage by:

  • Establishing good rapport with commercial and technical personnel through frequent communications.
  • Conducting semiannual quality reviews at refineries with our suppliers’ engineers and other personnel.
  • Educating suppliers about how their products are used once calcined and why customer specifications are in place.
  • Conducting joint studies to improve coke quality when possible.

The second important area for reliability is supply-side transportation and logistics. This means using the best mode of transport (rail, barge, vessel, etc.) and the most reliable logistics suppliers. Our best logistics suppliers provide:

  • The lowest cost freight for the expected level of service.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Equipment to reduce contamination risks.

Meeting product specifications is the third area that affects our reliability.

  • This involves how well we plan our production runs with the wide range of green cokes we have on hand, how well we control production and operate our kilns, and how we manage declining coke quality by working with our suppliers and customers.

The final focus area for reliability is our plant maintenance, planning, and scheduling. We’ve designed a new work order process and we’re now putting it in operation. All our plants measure their performance periodically to make sure the process improves our reliability.